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Get onto the property ladder in 5 simple steps

Over the last few decades we’ve seen property prices rapidly outpacing rises in wages. 20 years ago, the average London wage being 28k with the average home selling for 155k, a ratio of 5.5, made property ownership not easy but affordable for many.

Fast forward to today and with London average wages being 34k and average homes selling for 480k, resulting in a whopping ratio of 14.1 makes for home ownership available only to the very high salaried and lucky few.

Vast press coverage has acknowledged the housing affordability issue affecting the next generation of first-time buyers, predominantly of the millennial generation, and according to Bloomberg 2/3rd of millennials can’t and never will be able to afford a property in the UK capital.

Government calls for building more affordable housing and various other initiatives did little to alleviate the problem.

The introduction of the Help-to-Buy government backed shared ownership scheme did begin to address the issue by helping first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder though it does come with many shortcomings – strict qualification criteria, the need for a mortgage (debt!), lots of bureaucracy and much inflexibility when it comes to selling.

Despite its shortcomings, the Shared Ownership scheme is a start in the right direction to solve the housing affordability problem – and we know we can do better!

OntoTheLadder makes property purchasing as simple as renting. With no mortgages and debt-overhang, no endless bureaucracy to deal with, you are able to move into a home you can finally call your own in a matter of hours.

We have fundamentally overhauled the property buying and selling process to be simple to save you your most precious resources: money, peace of mind and time.

Now to get onto the property ladder all you need is to follow the 5 step process outlined below:


1. Find Your Home

Search our Listings for your Dream Home and schedule your Property Viewing


2. Move-in with 1% deposit…

Decide on your property and you’re ready to move in almost immediately.

No need to hold-off for years to save up a deposit!


3. … and minimal hassle

Any amount you pay over your monthly rental grows your share in your dream home.

All that’s left is to negotiate the final agreement.


4. Pay Rent and Whatever You Can Afford

Any amount you pay over your monthly market rental grows your share in your dream home.

As your share grows, your monthly rent decreases!


5. You Have the Ultimate Flexibility

Pay Rent only on what you don’t own, yet. What you own is yours to keep.

If you want to move you can sell your share at the latest Market Valuation and Cash-in on the Property Appreciation!

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