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How does it Work?

How does selling with OntoTheLadder work?


A Smarter way to Sell

You sell to someone who will rent for a fixed period, with a contract to buy at the end for maximum market value

Best of Renting & Selling

You choose when to sell, anytime between 2-5 years. Get paid an upfront deposit plus monthly cashflow and a premium sale price (earning what the mortgage company would have in interest)

A Proven, Hassle-Free System

We take care of everything – we buy from you directly or find a buyer through the OntoTheLadder platform, sort out the contracts and collect payments for you from Rent-to-Sell

Benefits for Sellers

Why our Sellers choose to sell gradually with the OntoTheLadder platform?

Sell for More

Get paid what the Buyer would have paid in mortgage interest, plus earn rent monthly

Save over £5,000 in fees

Avoid marketing and estate agency Fees!

Cash Flow while you wait

Upfront deposit of 1% paid directly to You, plus rental monthly cash over the agreed period. We take care of everything

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