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What’s OntoTheLadder?

OntoTheLadder is a much needed alternative to conventional mortgages which allows Buyers to get onto the Property Ladder with only 1% Deposit, no Debt-overhang and full flexibility to buy and sell their home equity.

Why does OntoTheLadder exist?

In 2018 we set out on a mission to overhaul the archaic property sector and combat housing affordability issues within London and the UK by:

  1. Reducing 2-3 month long property sale/purchase time to mere hours
  2. Eliminating the need for 10-15% deposit which take many years to save up whilst paying rent to someone else
  3. Giving much needed flexibility to complete an entire real estate transaction online, from search to closing, and do as you please with your home ownership shares

We are making property purchasing as simple as letting whilst solving today’s massive and growing social problem of 2/3rds of millennials never being able to afford a property in the UK capital and beyond.

How is OntoTheLadder doing all this?

Our core offering is based on:

  1. Rent-to-Own system
    Our proprietary Rent-to-Own system enables you to buy your own home with only 1% deposit and pay rent on what you don’t own yet. You have full flexibility to buy more shares in your home – monthly, quarterly and/or annually – it’s up to you. The more you own the less rent you pay!Short on cash one month and can’t make a payment? No worries, we can take a portion of your built-up equity instead until you’re back on your feet.
  2. Pre-selected properties
    Our for-sale properties undergo a full due diligence survey prior to onboarding them into our ecosystem. We do all the bureaucratic heavy lifting saving you time and our offered properties are ready to buy and move-in immediately. 2-3 month transaction times are a thing of the past.And because we source properties in bulk, we are able to negotiate substantial discounts from developers and agents saving you even more money than if you were to go at it alone.
  3. Blockchain technology
    Backed by one of the world’s largest and secure computer networks in the world, implementing blockchain technology in our transaction engine allows for transaction security, traceability, transparency and auditability, eliminating any possibility of fraud and keeping your records and investment safe at all times.

Am I getting a mortgage?

No. Mortgages are debt and OntoTheLadder is not lending you any money. Instead, OntoTheLadder is your property co-owner.

How is it different than a traditional lender?

Involving a traditional lender would typically mean taking out a mortgage. Seeing as there is no mortgage there is no lending bureaucracy for you to deal with. You are co-owning the property with us at OntoTheLadder.

What’s the advantage over a lender or a line of credit?

We’ve outlined a host of benefits to you as a Buyer above [make “above” hyperlinked to 2nd FAQ question container] and instead of renting and saving up money for your deposit on the side you can lock-in the purchase price of your property today and start buying ownership shares immediately through our Rent-to-Own system.

What is Renting-to-Own?

You pay rent on the part you don’t own and have full flexibility to purchase more ownership shares, reducing your rent and increasing your holding. It’s that simple.

At start, upon paying in your 1% deposit you own 1% of the property. Therefore your rental amount is Fair Market Rental Value immediately reduced by 1%. The more ownership shares you buy, the less rent you pay.

Can I buy more equity along the way?

Of course. With OntoTheLadder’s Rent-to-Own system you have full flexibility to purchase more equity i.e. more ownership shares. With no additional fees.

How do I qualify?

Getting qualified is easy. We will do some standard due diligence to assess your financial situation and the process will take you five minutes.

We look holistically at multiple variables including your credit score and income levels and seeing that we are not lending you any monies the process is vastly simplified when compared to that of a traditional lender.

What happens if I miss a payment

We understand that sometimes life happens and you need some time to get your finances in order. That’s why OntoTheLadder offers rental payment forgiveness as long as you have built up sufficient equity which you can exchange for your rental payment.

What happens when I want to sell?

OntoTheLadder makes it very simple for you and us with the following 3 options:

  1. OntoTheLadder buys back your shares at fair market value, as appraised by an independent 3rd party
  2. Together we list your home on major real estate sales sites for free. We can also appoint an agent to help with the listing. Upon sale of the property you’ll immediately receive a payment for your portion of ownership shares minus any applicable selling costs.
  3. You retain your ownership shares and join our pool of Investors, giving the next Buyer the right to purchase your shares from you over time and making a Return on Investment on your shares from the next Buyer’s rental payments. You’re the landlord and we take care of everything. Easy.

Is my information safe with OntoTheLadder?

Yes. We take our user’s privacy very seriously and you can review our Privacy Policy here.

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