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1. Find Your Home

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2. Move-in with 1% deposit…

Decide on your property and you’re ready to move in almost immediately.

No need to hold-off for years to save up a deposit!

3. … and minimal hassle

Any amount you pay over your monthly rental grows your share in your dream home.

All that’s left is to negotiate the final agreement.

4. Pay Rent and Whatever You Can Afford

Any amount you pay over your monthly market rental grows your share in your dream home.

As your share grows, your monthly rent decreases!

5. You Have the Ultimate Flexibility

Pay Rent only on what you don’t own, yet. What you own is yours to keep.

If you want to move you can sell your share at the latest Market Valuation and Cash-in on the Property Appreciation!

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With OntoTheLadder you can buy a home worth around:

with only deposit.

The bank may lend you with deposit.

Why Rent-to-Own?

The team here at OntoTheLadder with our Rent-to-Own system is fundamentally reshaping the way we think about buying and renting properties.

See how we compare against conventional rentals and mortgages:

RentingBuying with Bank MortgageOntoTheLadder Rent-to-Own
Owning your Home?NoYesYes
Property PriceUnknown as you don’t own the property. May be higher or lower in the futureLocked-in when agreed between Buyer and SellerLocked-in when moving-in
Deposit Requirements6 – 8 weeks of Agreed Rental Amount10 – 15% of Property Price1% of Property Price
Monthly PaymentsFull Market AmountMortgage Payments with % Interest for the LenderMarket Amount Reduced by your % of Ownership
Payment FlexibilityMonthly RentalFixed Monthly Mortgage PaymentsMonthly Rental with full flexibility to buy more of your home when you can afford to.

Multiple years of saving up for a deposit are now a thing of the past.

Time to move-inDays or Weeks dependent on how efficient your Landlord / Agent is2 – 3 Months to Close Transaction with a lot of bureaucratic hasslesReady whenever you are

Why would you even bother with a conventional rental or mortgage anymore? We know, we wouldn’t either…

Find out how we are making all this possible in our FAQ or get searching for your new home.

Featured Listings

£ 400,000
Rent to Own

2 Bed Flat Streatham High Road

Streatham High Road, London
3 rooms
2 beds
768.00 ft2
£ 375,000
Rent to Own

1 Bed Flat Explorers Wharf

Explorers Wharf, London
1 rooms
1 beds
561.00 ft2
£ 350,000
Rent to Own

1 Bed Flat St Pauls Avenue

St Pauls Avenue, London
2 rooms
1 beds
442.00 ft2

We are on a Mission

to change the Status Quo


What’s OntoTheLadder?

OntoTheLadder is a much needed alternative to conventional mortgages which allows Buyers to get onto the Property Ladder with only 1% Deposit, no Debt-overhang and full flexibility to buy and sell their home equity.

Why does OntoTheLadder exist?

In 2018 we set out on a mission to overhaul the archaic property sector and combat housing affordability issues within London and the UK by:

  1. Reducing 2-3 month long property sale/purchase time to mere hours
  2. Eliminating the need for 10-15% deposit which take many years to save up whilst paying rent to someone else
  3. Giving much needed flexibility to complete an entire real estate transaction online, from search to closing, and do as you please with your home ownership shares

We are making property purchasing as simple as letting whilst solving today’s massive and growing social problem of 2/3rds of millennials never being able to afford a property in the UK capital and beyond.

How is OntoTheLadder doing all this?

Our core offering is based on:

  1. Rent-to-Own system
    Our proprietary Rent-to-Own system enables you to buy your own home with only 1% deposit and pay rent on what you don’t own yet. You have full flexibility to buy more shares in your home – monthly, quarterly and/or annually – it’s up to you. The more you own the less rent you pay!Short on cash one month and can’t make a payment? No worries, we can take a portion of your built-up equity instead until you’re back on your feet.
  2. Pre-selected properties
    Our for-sale properties undergo a full due diligence survey prior to onboarding them into our ecosystem. We do all the bureaucratic heavy lifting saving you time and our offered properties are ready to buy and move-in immediately. 2-3 month transaction times are a thing of the past.And because we source properties in bulk, we are able to negotiate substantial discounts from developers and agents saving you even more money than if you were to go at it alone.
  3. Blockchain technology
    Backed by one of the world’s largest and secure computer networks in the world, implementing blockchain technology in our transaction engine allows for transaction security, traceability, transparency and auditability, eliminating any possibility of fraud and keeping your records and investment safe at all times.

Read more on our FAQs page.

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Powered by the Blockchain

Our Platform Leverages the latest Technology


Our OntoTheLadder platform allows for full transaction auditability.

All Records, Payments and Ownership transactions can easily be Traced if needed



We utilise the same technology that underpins Bitcoin, Global Commodity Supply Chains and JP Morgan’s own Cryptocurrency.

Latest in Cryptography technology ensures your Data is Secure



Decentralised Consensus technology underpins our Platform and Validates transactions and Records.

All Committed Data is Incorruptible providing you with Peace of Mind

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